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Monday, July 5, 2010

Why Suburban Familiar?

You have asked and I will answer. Like all good Westerners, I must bestow massive amounts of credit for our educational system to the great Aristotle who early on figured out that if we were to make sense of the world around us, we‘d better organize it. I frequently feel this way about my life.

Aristotle was the creator of all that Genus, Species, Class, and Phylum stuff that I could never remember the order of in Biology. He also identified the notion of Metaphysics, which evolved into religion, but was better off being metaphysical, which has less to do with congregations and more to do with accepting the unknowable. This is where I put automobile maintenance.

Aristotle, was tutor to the great Alexander, who acquired his nickname the hard way, he earned it. Alexander the Great followed the teachings of Aristotle, who advised him to not interfere with the beliefs of his conquered nations, as long as they paid their tribute. I have frequently felt this way about my bosses.

The magnificent Plato, the teacher of Aristotle, may have pointed out how to look for and recognize the ideal but Aristotle took the next step and decided that once it was found, there’d better be a place to put it.

So Suburban Familiar is where I put it. Suburban is where I am right now. I’ve been an Urban, I’ve even been a little bit country. Look you, don’t try to tell me the West coast of Florida is anything but. And while the specifics of the anecdotes and harangues may not be familiar, the sentiments and feelings certainly are.

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