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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ya gotta have friends, not Real Housewives.

My deepest wish is for good, honest, compassionate, loyal, clever, and empathetic friends for my offspring - is this too much to ask? Based on what I see on Reality Television and the participants on programs designed for teens, I am doubtful.  It seems the whole world has taken on entitlement and ignorance as their theme.  I find it maddening.

Soon to be Exes
What has particularly stuck in my craw this week is the whole Real Housewives Genre, if one can call it that.  I am specifically annoyed by the complaints of Mrs. Camille Grammer, soon to be former wife of Kelsey. I would like to confess that I have not actually seen any of these shows, will not watch them at anytime in the near future and nothing will convince me that they will provide anything my life is presently or will ever be missing.  But apparently someone is watching them, otherwise why would there be so many iterations?  (For the record, entering it’s 6th Season is Orange County, followed by New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, D.C., Beverly Hills, and apparently the soon to be aired Miami version.) 

Let me also add that everything I am objecting to comes from what I have read on the internet or seen on the same in a variety of video clips. Me thinks the woman doth protesteth too much and should keepeth her mouth closed. 

Camille is a former Playboy model, Club MTV dancer and obvious recipient of silicone enhancements, none of which I object to but when she says she is a very private person and objects to the media spotlight shinning on her crumbling marriage, I gotta say “What the ?? “  So prancing around and being photographed NAKED is an attribute of those who seek privacy? 

So Camille, I ask you, having witnessed the crumbling of marriages exposed to the scrutiny of the television camera since Chicken-of-the-Sea Jessica -- didn’t give you a clue as to what might happen when you signed up for this “Real” gig?     

Is it Chicken Jessica
Kelsey has made a career by playing pompous, unsympathetic, narcissistic, pontificating, unactualized men since he sat on a bar stool in “Cheers”.  His latest role, on Broadway, in the very boring "La Cage aux Folles" is no different. He plays a gay man as conceived by this straight
Jerry & his Drag Queens
Mame & Dolly

man -- singing poorly, much like Rex Harrison's Henry Higgins without the charm -- the dullest collection of Jerry Herman songs ever written. Mr. Herman has had an astonishing career on Broadway creating shows about drag queens even when the parts were played by women. 

And now, poor Camille, calls him “needy” and  “a big baby”.  He’s an actor for gods’ sake! What did you expect?

I just wanna be
So Camille, you protest that Kelsey persuaded you that little Bravo* TV would be a great place to show off your "talents" ?  Bravo would be a good place to expose the fact that your two children have four nannies or to make public that you actually chose not to bear the children, but used a surrogate so as not to stretch yourself both literally and figuratively?  Don’t you think your children will be delighted that you will be sharing this with the world on the set of a Reality TV show?

*Readers, this is the network that lost “Project Runway” and tried to duplicate its success with the completely unwatchable “The Fashion Show” with the haughty Iman and drooling Isaac Mizrahi. Pu-lease!  Has anyone else tried to watch this cringe inducing nasty bitch fest? 

Oksana before the lips
were added
Snooki and her bumps

I know I'm not the only one who finds women like Camille embarrassing. Bimbos embarrass me. You, Camille make Oksana and Snooki look deep and soulful.

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  1. I work in a large corporation. I find this genre of programming informative ( especially SURVIVOR ) as to what makes people tick. And a big shout out to the writers who went on strike and brought all these programs to us out of necessity! ...the mother of invention, as they say.