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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wha?? Not guilty.

The Gloved One

It was my mixed fortune to give birth to my son right at the start of the OJ Simpson Trial.  So those first most tender weeks were spent glazed and blissed and nursing my new son while Marcia Clark and her investigators spent 133 days stumbling over one another and ultimately allowing a cold-blooded murderer of two people go free. It was not my intention to necessarily follow the trial but I was living in New York City, taking time off from my business and home all day long with a colicky baby. Simpson and his team of truth stealers were dominating all the air-time and in 1995, it was the best Reality TV out there.  The murders also took place on my birthday, which was very annoying although my dear friend Anne, whose anniversary is on 9/11 has much more to complain about -- should she choose to.

I remember watching the trial and knowing it was doomed and I knew the same was true for Casey Anthony.  The parallels between the two cases are remarkable and bear mentioning.

Consider, when first informed that his wife had been killed, Simpson did not ask how, when, or by whom.

Consider, that the police had accumulated enough evidence indicating Simpson's guilt in the murders and obtained a warrant for his arrest.  His attorney, Robert Shapiro negotiated an agreement where Simpson was to turn himself in at police headquarters by 10:00 on the morning of June 17, the day after Nicole's funeral.  He didn’t show. He was driving around Orange County in a white Bronco (what a perfect car to be chased!) with over $8000 in cash, a fake beard and mustache, a loaded gun and a passport in the car.  Does this sound like the behavior of an innocent man?

Casey Anthony spent 31 days partying and dancing and getting tattooed, all while her daughter was still “missing”. Her labyrinth of lies to the police, her parents and reporters were ridiculous.  She lied about being employed at Universal Studios. She lied about leaving Caylee with a baby-sitter. She told police about two imaginary people she had told that Caylee was missing. She even lied about receiving a phone call from Caylee (who placed the call?) the day before she was finally reported missing. Does this sound like the behavior of an innocent woman?

Here's Johnnie!
What did the glove matter to the Simpson case? Nothing, but it was bandied about just like the duct tape that couldn’t be used to indict Casey.  They were distractions that had no meaning but to distract and confuse the jury -- just like the incest and molestation charges Casey made about her father.

There was also confusion about the chloroform and why it was so important. Chloroform is a chemical compound that can be used to knock someone unconscious and also is found in human decomposition, but prosecutors failed to make clear exactly what role it played in little Caylee's death or what it’s presence meant.

It all brought back the testimony of forensic criminalist Dennis Fung, who Barry Scheck painfully eviscerated on the stand. It was this testimony for me that sealed the outcome of the trial. Fung was painfully unprofessional and incoherent.

All in all, the prosecution lead by Ms. Marcia Delusional Clark put forward 72 witnesses. Consider that for a moment. 72? Are you kidding me? At the OJ trial, the jury was so exhausted from listening, that they spent only three hours in deliberation. 

Casey Anthony’s pathetic excuse for an attorney, Jose Baez, came out swinging; laying blame and recasting the crime in a variety of guises with a variety of conspirators both named and unnamed, mostly Casey’s poor shell-shocked family. Again, it was all too reminiscent of Johnnie Cochran’s summation for the defense in which he compared the prosecution’s case to Hitler’s campaign against the Jews; blaming racist cop, Mark Furman, as though he had committed the crimes or at the very least, planted evidence. Never proven, only wildly claimed, just like the claims made about George Anthony.
In today’s Daily Beast, Marcia Clark claims that the Anthony verdict was a bigger calamity than the OJ verdict. No Marcia, it’s not.  We can all see through your delusion. They are both equally embarrassing, even disgraceful because the prosecution on both cases did such a pathetic half-assed job that the jury was left with no choice but to let the killers go free.  -- And oh so shameful because the innocent victims will never get their fair day in court.


  1. I like the comment by juror number 3. "Not guilty does not mean innocent."

  2. Lincoln stated at Gettyberg; ...."that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."
    When will we as a people stop and realize that "WE" are the problem! Jimmy Cater gave a speech in July 1975 that alerted us to the mortgage crisis and the energy crisis. But you see, we would much rather blame everyone else while we sit in front of our big flat screen TV eating dinner than write a letter or make a phone call, get out there and rally people to go down to a courthouse in vast numbers to express our horror over the way a court case is being conducted. We create the environment that exists because in this country we are the Power until We relinquish it because "Hey my needs are met". We are becoming a second class nation when at one time we were the best for no other reason that we earned that status! We use to take pride in whatever labor we did, now today who will clean a toilet because its beneath them. Our kids use to be able to walk around unmolested because people paid attention to what went on in the neighborhood. Not today, we are all locked up in our own little prisons too busy to even have a Block Party once in a while. I know this because I tried to rally the neighbors for such events but very few had the time. Keep allowing our Government to send Billions into the pockets of our enemies while those that are meek and unable to voice their need go hungry in this country. Keep expending energy in a million different causes instead of banding together one cause at a time. Yeah, it will hurt our nice comfortable conditions but by making those sacrifices, cutting back on gas consumption by boycotting one day, by voting for persons that have proven track records of service instead of voting by race, color, gender or creed. That means taking the time to actually read up on the candidates. Bombarding our representatives to stop the funding for the War right now. Yes we have met the Enemy and the Enemy is Us.